House salad. (Anchovies, buffalo mozzarella, Provencal's tomato, strawberries and mango vinaigrette)  |  Gran Reserva’s Iberico cured ham with “coca glass”  |  Squid with Korean bread  |  Andalusian Style little squid  |  Pica pica house  |  Red prawns with thick salt crust


Napolitan Style potato’s Gnocci with fresh basil  |  Ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta with light Parmesan sauce  |  Pear’s Fagotti to  tarragon and natural pear sauce 

RICE (Min. 2 pers)

Home style mixed Paella  |  Black rice with squid ink and garlic & oil sauce  |  Fisherman's style risotto  |  Fideuá to seafood


Grilled sea bass with vegetables to mint and seed vinaigrette  |  Cod with green tomato jam and Santa Pau’s beans sauteed with mushrooms  |  Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce and ginger vinaigrette to butter  |  Scallops shell with grilled vegetables and crispy bacon  |  Hake with light cream turnips, snuff Iberian land and eggplant  |  Grilled monkfish with mustard vinaigrette, grilled leek, garlic and grilled asparagus  |  Fish Suquet to” all cremat”

All our fish are accompanied by vegetables sauteed.


Entrecotte  (300g) grilled and homemade potatoes to the pan  |  Tournedos Steak with rosemary sauce and brown sugar flambéed foie

All our meats are trimmed with glazed vegetables in gravy or french fries.


Carrot cake  with mascarpone ice cream    |    Yogurt, berries and fennel air    |    Fruit salad and vanilla cream    |   Chocolat coulant with vanilla ice cream    |   Catalan cream brulée   |   Chocolat cake   |   Our selection of house ice creams and sorbets


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